Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jamnagar SEZ - Gold Rush

Gujarat alone investments of US$18 bn in 2006-07 which is 25% of India's total investment in 06-07.

The Gulf of Kutch has become "Gulf of Riches", big names like Reliance , Essar Group, Adani Group (Mudra Port SEZ) and Tata Group (Mithapur Chemilcals), have invested about $30 bn along the Gulf of Kutch's 700-kilometer long coastline, note that 300-400 KM are in Jamnagar District.

In Total Ten special economic zones (SEZs) are near Jamnagar, totaly new 4000-megawatt power project and five private shipyards are coming up. And massive expansion is being undertaken of the Mundra and Kandla ports. not to mention current expansion from Reliance Refinery.

Gujarat's Mundra port is main port from where Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Hindustan Petroleum (HP) are setting up giant oil storage areas or Tank Farms, Currently 60% of India's coal imports enter via Mundra port.


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