Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamnagar - Muslims prefer BJP in Sikka

Congress claims that it has an added advantage against BJP's Hindu agenda, It feels muslims will favour them (as it happened in 2002).
How true is this, Everyone is benefited by economic prosperity in Gujarat, and muslims in Sikka ( Jamnagar District) has clearly tilted the scales in favour of Modi.
Note that thic town has 70% Muslims and almost every one is supporting BJP, more then this out of 19 seat in Sikka municipalty all seats are with BJP, 14 of them are muslims. Reliance and IOC has their base in this area, clearly economic freedom has wiped out images of 2002 riots here.
Cashing on this example, BJP wants to market this model across the state, but this will not be so easy,
Congress on the other hand started appealing Urban Muslims to vote in plenty, which congress missed to appeal in 2002 elections.

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