Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barda and Bootleggers

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamnagar is known for its most diverse floral compositions, and is home for many leopards, nilgais, endangered spotted eagles and wild boar, but now is turning into a hub of bootleggers. This hilly terrain spread over Porbandar and Jamnagar.

Local 'maldharis' who train camels to carry the illegal consignments produced and supplied 7,000 barrels of liquor to various districts of Saurashtra.

Every year, thousands of barrels of liquor are seized. Familiar with the hilly terrain, locals use it to carry out the illegal trade with ease.

On February 26, the Ranavav police arrested two men, Pola Mori and Lakha Lakhman, for transporting liquor on camel. The interrogation of Mori and Lakhman revealed that they train camels to find ways through terrain. These camels are loaded with barrels; they find their way down the hill by themselves.

Interestingly, these camels are so well trained that they are can change the path on hearing sound of vehicles or on seeing khaki colour.

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