Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Harappan site discovered at Jamnagar

A Harappan site has been discovered at Pithad village in Jodia taluka of Jamnagar district in Gujarat, experts says, could be as big as the Lothal site and had existed around 4,500 years back.

So far, the MSU excavation programme team has unearthed a huge wall, kilns to make clay utensils, and ovens to melt metal.
The study of configuration of the wall revealed the Harappan village was spread over about 11 hectares, site is located on a mound, locally known as Jedak Ni Tekri. There are over 300 Harappan civilsation sites in Saurashtra, which are called Sorath Harappan. 

Ajith Prasad, a reader with MSU says that its a huge wall which appears to have been constructed to protect the village. with 270 metre in length and 90 metre in width. The village was spread over the an area of 11 hectares.


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