Sunday, December 10, 2006

Medical Degree and Certificates of Dr. Death are not fake

Medical Degree / Certificates of Dr. Death are not fake

CBI team verified the academic records of Jayant Patel, dubbed "Dr Death" (wanted by Australian authorities for allegedly causing 87 deaths) ,
from a college in his hometown Jamnagar and found them genuine, officials said on Friday.

Two CBI officials from Gandhinagar visited the M P Shah Medical College on Thursday at the behest of Interpol after Australian authorities made a request for information about his academic credentials.

"Interpol had asked us to provide his degree certificate and related documents. Our officials verified them and they are genuine. We have informed the concerned authorities," CBI, Gandhinagar Superintendent of Police Rahul Sharma said.

Regarding speculations that Patel may be hiding in his hometown or elsewhere in Gujarat, the official said CBI was not probing into this and the agency was only told to verify his academic records.

According to college authorities Patel holds a Masters in Surgery obtained in 1976.

Patel never practiced medicine in India and soon after getting his degree he immigrated to the US. However, alleged malpractices cost him his license in 2002 following an order from the New York board of professional medical conduct.

Patel later moved to Australia where he was appointed the head of surgery at Bundaberg hospital in Queensland.
He is accused by Australian authorities of causing deaths due to complications and negligence during surgery, accidentally severing a patient's urethra and even forgetting surgical instruments inside the stomach.



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