Sunday, December 3, 2006

Dead man Looting Angadia Bus

Ever heard of Dead man looting? The dramatic bus loot near Gondal on
Tuesday night may have been masterminded by the infamous Rahim Sumara,
believed to have been dead.

In what appears to be a story uncannily similar to the Bollywood film
Don, the police is now investigating whether Sumara, an accused in
more than a dozen angadia loots in Saurashtra and ruthless criminal
known to have carried out attacks on the police too, is actually alive
or not.

Inactive for the past two years, he was believed to be dead after his
close aides reported that he was heavily into drugs and missing.
Rajkot rural police also expressed possibility that the latest bus
loot could have been masterminded by Sumara who hails from Jamnagar.
On the night of November 28, a Gujarat State Road Transport
Corporation bus enroute Diu-Rajkot was looted and a passenger was
injured. In the incident angadia loot to the tune of Rs 8.5 lakh was
reported. The Rajkot rural police, exploring the possibility of
involvement of Rahim Sumara after the Gandhinagar police's
investigation, now have reason to believe that Sumara is alive and
active. After the arrest of Rahim Khan, an aide of Sumara, the
Gandhinagar police has contacted its counterparts in Saurashtra to
find Sumara.

Rajkot district ASP said, Modus operandi in the bus loot is similar to
that of Sumara's. He has always targeted angadia companies. however,
he added that they are also investigating the involvement of two other
gangs active in Saurashtra.

Sumara, who is believed to be around 35 years old, has wreaked havoc
in Saurashtra in the past decade with a series of looting incidents


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