Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One Refinery can change India's Image

One Refinery can change India's Image.

"It is not just a refinery. We believe the refinery challenges the paradigm that China is forging ahead of India with its industry," , quotted Hital Meswani (ED - RIL), to reporters on a tour of the Jamnagar Refinery complex.

Reliance Industry, India's largest conglomerate hopes on an Arabian Sea coast oil refinery at Jamnagar, to become the world's largest refinery, and the to gave country an industrial giant status. this refinery was opened in December 1999. It has 30 sq km and has transferred India's image from from being a net importer of refined petroleum product to an exporter.

Reliance is now set to invest a further $6 bn to double output, this expansion will make refinery on top place from its current third place behind Venezuela and South Korea, This single refinery will also help to demolish some myths stating that India is good for services sector and China is best for its industrial sector. (In China, the industrial sector accounts for 46 per cent of GDP, compared to 27 per cent in India.)

Jamnagar Refinery Complex is situated in the Gulf of Kutch on the Arabian Sea, the refinery took just three years to build. The company says its 5,000 km of pipes, 1.7 million tonnes of concrete, 14,000km of cable and equivalent in steel of 16 Eiffel towers represent a record. complete work in refinery is automated and overseen by engineers working out of underground control rooms, this CR are controlled by a CCR (central control room) and all CR are decorated with the portraits of the late Reliance founder Dhirubhai Ambani.

This refinery has its own power station, fire station, medical teams and security service and a super tanker port. There are 170 km of roads and a residential area of 2,500 homes for the employees. Reliance Greens, a  green belt is also hoped to lead to the production of 3,000 tonnes of mangoes a year and this mangoes recently begged an order from British retail giant Harrods.

Currently refining capacity is 3.3 MMTPD of crude oil processing, which is used to extract refined products like petrol, diesel, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas – plus petrochemicals.

The complex has served 5,000 ships till now and only Rotterdam is handling more refined products then this refinery.



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