Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

Reliance Industry Ltd, is expanding its area in Gujarat and specially in Jamnagar, its 6 Billion $ refinary upgrade is already in the starting phase, this project will give way for 2000 new job for engineers and senior executives.
Retail boom in India will increase its size as Reliance is in, this group will start its first retail sector in Ahmedabad in Oct - 2006, later new sectors in Jamnagar and Surat will start in next year. Reliance will create 10,000 jobs.
Bechtel , main contractor / consultant for Reliance Jamnagar Refinery Complex recruited 300 engineers for its upcoming work. Bechtel will need many labours for construction work, 25,000 labours will start working in the refinery by end of July-2006. This refinary work will be 24 X 7 and will give work to around 1,00,000 labours

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