Monday, June 12, 2006

Fanna withdrawn from Amber Theater Jamnagar

Aamir khan starrer Fanna has been withdrawn from Jamnagar Theater Ambar,
The film was screened since one week in Jamnagar, only place in Gujarat, after a state wide protest against BJP Yuma Morcha and Congress too.
All rumble begins when Aamir Khan supported NBA ( Narmada Bacho Andolan) and also stated that rehabilitation work on the project should be implemented properly.
Mahesh Bhatt had moved to Supreme Court against banning of the film in Gujarat, though this petition is rejected
Just then, Jamnagar Theater decided to screen the film, thigs were not normal on this peacefull town on the first day, but later it came clear that all heat will be over.
However, last night incident changed everything.

Pravin Joshi of Rajkot / Porbandur came to Jamnagar to watch the cinema, he went to the toilet in the interval and burned himself with petrol / kerosene. He has 55% burnt.

Vimal Madan, the theatre owner then stopped the screening of the movie and quotted that Yash Raj also said the same in a fax, Also Yash Raj Films has confirmed that they have withdraw the film Fanaa from Amber cinema in Jamnagar to avoid further problems.

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